#mommyquote 28 59 2018


Two Months To Go

Get Ready for new coming Month of March




Today is the 1st time Think Indonesia Muda completely have a meeting with all member.

Thank you the Great Team for so many insights, inspiration, motivation and the brainstorming 🙏🏻

We do the same mission, vision and perception for Better Indonesia 🇮🇩


Plan, Do, Action and Implementation

Report, Analyze and Evaluate

Yaps, so many homework to do…

Will do the best for us

Hand in hand, help each others, for better people, system, process…

for better future of Indonesia Muda


See the past month to review and have an evaluation

See the future month to get start with the new target and achievements


Start with,

Communication intensively

Respect each other

Manage the teamwork


Super Day!!

Salam Kreatifitas,

Jakarta, 28 February 2018

reWrite, 27 Maret 2019

-Nuning Widowati-