#mommyquote 15 46 2018


SHOULDER to cry On


And when you need,

A shoulder to cry on,

When you need,

A friend to rely on,

And when the whole world is gone,

You won’t be alone,

Cause i’ll be there,

I’ll be your shoulder to cry on,

I’ll be there,

I’ll be yur friend to rely on,

When the whole world is gone,

You won’t be alone cause i’ll be there,

-tommy page- @1988


For my Son,

I’ll be there for you…

I’ll give my shoulder for you…

I’ll be your friend

I’ll be by your side


Kami akan menjadi orang pertama yang,

.mendengarkan curhatanmu

.mendengarkan ceritamu

.memberikan pundak untukmu

.memberikan hati untukmu…

.menyulutkan semangatmu..

.memotivasi dirimu…


Love you boy!

To the moon 🌙 and back

To the highest of the sky

To the deep of the sea

To the wide of the ocean

My precious

The best 🎁❤️

Salam Kreatifitas,

Jakarta, 15 Februari 2018

reWrite, 27 Maret 2019

-Nuning Widowati-